Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bangkok 2

I've now been here a few weeks now and gotten to know my way around the city a little.!! you can get anywhere for under $3 in a taxi cab.
dinner - pad thai or fried rice $2 and desert fried banana or mango and sticky rice $2.
even the paddle pops and cornetto ice creams are only 20cents here its insane!

i'll have to get some pictures of the bargains i have found. i havn't payed over $10 for a piece of clothing yet :-)

here are some more fun snaps for my past few weeks here, sorry i'm not wearing anything exciting, its really hard to accessorise in 34degree heat and from a suitcase!

the nicer looking street food... i thought i would spare you from the the deep fried cockroaches they look a little nasty

the christmas set up outside siam paragon.. tiny lights giant statues carols and all, really getting me into the christmas cheer.
ps. siam is amazing, they have all the wonderful brands we don't have (or don't have much of) in australia from the top end designers to the cheaper shops (topshop, zara etc.) great!
i'm loving the night markets lots of cool stuff, handmade jewellery and clothing (the quality isn't great, but what can you expect with prices between $10-$20)

my sad looking waldrobe.. i could only fit 8 pairs of shoes in my bag... :-(


Anonymous said...

i love all your pictures!!!!

Francheska said...

love it all!!!
Im so excited because as I already said, I´m going to bangkok in January! cant wait! I hope you´ll post some more photos...

so are you just gonna be in bangkok or are you traveling elsewhere as well? x

Anonymous said...

looks amazing! your skin always look beautiful, what make-up do you use? cant wait to see more pics! love checking your blogg! lilly x

tam-goddes said...

i love all your pictures and your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is very nice

Anonymous said...

i was wondering the same thing about your makeup, you looks eriously flawless
i'm seriously so jealous of you right now dude!
you're so brown and skinny and holiday-ish

Style On Track said...

My gosh, that looks like a beautiful holiday :)

Natascha said...

I don't wear make up during the day just nivea tinted moisturiser with SPF, if i go out I use mineral powder & chanel bronzer. xx

Anonymous said...

It all looks so relaxing x

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