Monday, March 8, 2010

Hong Kong-ing

wow what a week!

my hong kong top 5

1. dim sum at china club
2. wonton at mak's (44 Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay)
3. shopping at lane crawford
4. three loop roller coaster at ocean theme park (i was totally scared but its ALOT more fun than it looks!)
5. the giant panda

ps. the second last picture was taken in our hotel foyer, so pretty, Lanson Place, really nice boutique hotel really friendly staff :-)
the third last picture was taken outside the Swarovski store in causeway bay,
and the noodle/ginger/chilli/chive dish is from Mak's.... overwhelmingly tasty!!


Christing said...

love hong kong! you're pics are amazing and isnt the shoe selection at lane crawford to die for?!

Fashion Chalet said...

Yummy food.
And I like your bag =)



Oh my god, PANDA!!


epeaa said...

oh yum i want those nooodles

MARTA said...

babeeeeee!!!!!!!! your baaaaaag !!! alexander wang !!!! want it.
i'm hesiteting betwen this one and the isabel marant one...
too hard to choose!

Elle said...

Lovely pictures!

What camera do you use? DSLR?


gih said...

I don't understand Chinese. But I Love Chinese people.

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