Friday, October 29, 2010

Bangkok Fashion Week


About me said...

hello,i like your blog style please tell me if you are willing to have a blog exchange with me ,thanks!
and this is mine:

looking forwards to hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

can you post a photo of the shoes you were wearing here pretty please? :)

annierama said...

wow! it´s really really cool! I´m totally amazed!
you are so damn pretty and these shots are too!

Anonymous said...

hey tash - love your shoes ! where are they from?

Natascha said...

Shoes in the last pic are from Forever 21 xx

Anonymous said...

oh my god where is your dress from?? i need a dress like this for modelling castings
its perfect!

Natascha said...

The dress is from an Australian shop called Gripp, it's now closed but you may have luck on Ebay! It's a great casting dress :-) x

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