Wednesday, January 19, 2011

christopher kane amongst other things

1. Unearthen and Alexandra Cassaniti collaboration 2. Dress by Josh Goot (available on 3. Josh Goot Print via 4. Ellery Campaign via 5. Allison Scarpulla via les filles folles 6. Human eye colour chart via google images 7. Pants by Risto Bimbiloski  8. CHRISTOPHER KANE - resort 2011 via 9. DELILAH by Jasmine Pennamma 10. screen shot from hercules & love affair music video 11. Tecnicolor by Manuel Nogueira via ben trovato 12. & 13. pyramid & collage via oracle fox. 14. Austalian Harpers Bazaar October 2010 15. exploding star via astronet. 


Anonymous said...

Great photos! :)

B said...

Those Unearthen and Alexandra Cassaniti necklaces are awesome - posting it on my blog as well -- thanks for the great find.

daniela forsberg said...

oh my godness. loved this entry

MC said...

so dreamy

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