Sunday, November 13, 2011


How awesome is my UNIF Jacket, certainly the main thing keeping me warm at the moment!
available here

also wearing:
denim shirt: Vintage
skirt: Mink Pink here
shoes: Vintage


HollyCara said...

fantastic jacket! I am so friken jealous you are living in paris! Whatta dream!

Laura said...

you look great in it! :))

B1 & B2 said...

Love shearling!! It's great to see so many colours in a winter jacket!

Nef 'n Nat said...

love this! gorgeous girl xx

Stuart said...

So beautiful tashi. x

realelinkling said...

Mjaaauuuu... you look absolutely stunning.

hannah said...

FUCKING awesome! loveeeeee.



Gabrielle said...

it looks so fluffy and warm.'
i love things that are fluffy and warm !

Suze said...

ah that jacket look soooo cozy, love the print it's got!

Anonymous said...

What is good to do in paris? Places for shopping?

Rea said...

it's lovely indeed! and it must be warm as well :)

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