Monday, December 19, 2011


So apparently my boyfriend isn't the only man I steal clothes from... my bestfriend Johan bought this amazing fox fur biker jacket from a vintage store in Paris, I wore it for the first 5 days consecutively after he purchased it....

I'm wearing:
Fur Biker Jacket: Vintage
Tshirt: Dion Lee for Cue
Leather Pants: Isabel Marant
Shoes: by me

Johan's wearing:
Jacket: Carin Wester
Jewellery : Thomas Sabo & Bottega Veneta
Jeans: dr denim
Shoes: RM Williams


Bohemian said...

Love your jacket! x

kaitlyntru said...

Isabel Marant leather pants? Gimme gimme.

kaye said...

You are killing it here. This is the best look. LOVE!

Suzanne said...

He. Looks. Amazing. Completely understandable that you steal his stuff hahah

Nina said...

you guys look great!! best outfits ever!
love your blog!

Gabrielle said...

who wouldn't want to steal that coat. it is absolutely bangin'

Amie K said...

I am always nicking my boyfiend's clothes!

I'm a new follower!

XO Amie

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