Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY #2 the shirt collar

Ever want to wear a shirt under a top or jumper and hate the way it's all bunchy on your arms and sits in the wrong place? Well here is the solution!
This idea is curtesy of my German grandmother, she said she had them in every colour back in the 60's when you could buy them in stores.  The thing is, it's SO easy to do your self.  I put it into two simple illustrated steps.

1. Find a shirt, this can be any shirt, it doesn't even have to fit you (opp shop is a great place for this if you don't want to chip chop your wardrobe)

2. Cut the shirt (as per dotted line)
*If you have a sewing machine, I recommend hemming it, if you don't, don't worry it won't fray much if at all. 

And your finished!

This is how I wore my shirt collar:

Black silk shirt: Friend of Mine
Rose-gold necklace: Sportsgirl
Shorts: Free People 

If you do this DIY I would love to know how you go! 


C A T H said...

love the contrast of that rose gold cuff on your cool blue blouse =)
and nice little idea you have there for unused shirts haha^^

Style Hostess

fickle sense said...

This is the BEST idea I have EVER seen! EVER! Your German Grandmother is freaking amazing!!!

Georgiana xx said...

Amazing! I never would have though of this! Much thanks your grandmama xx

Aleen said...

Great DIY!! Love it x

Lousine Adelia

Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

love it!!!!

Laura said...

what a lovely idea, and cute outfit!

Girl Unfound

blacktobianco said...

LOVE THIS! I will be off to the op shop tomorrow!

The Bubbler said...

AMazing idea! Goign to try that out! very cool

The Bubblist

iola said...

so swweeet!!discount ray ban sunglasses

onika said...

looks super cute! clever! x

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