Saturday, May 5, 2012

MBFWA Day 3 & 4

What a week! 
If I was to sum it up it would go something like this....

Running in between meetings with my boyfriend (we have an exciting new project coming up soon) attending shows, catching up with new (and old) friends, chilling out by the beach in Bondi, lots of fun at Elin Kling's Nowhere/MyCatwalk launch, drinking far to much champagne, breaking my camera, majorly grazing my knee (gory imagery available via my instagram), ripping my skirt in a piggy back attempt, early mornings, discovering the most amazing Açaí berry smoothie, enjoying the sunshine & great food (El Loco tacos in Surry Hills, modern japanese at Paperplanes, dumplings at Miss Chu, organic health fix at About Life, Iku Wholefoods and Earth Cafe in Bondi.  
Arrived back in Melbourne in one piece, without my luggage... but with fond memories and my favourite sneakers which will nurture my feet after fashion week high heel torture.  


Day 3
Shirt: Friend of Mine
Shorts: Vintage shop in Paris
Belt: Zara
Bag: TopShop
Shoes: Rag & Bone
Cuffs: ASOS and here

Day 4
Neon Crop: here
Shirt: Jesen (coming soon)
Bomber: Stussy
Skirt: Vintage


Anonymous said...

love that leather skirt!

Gabrielle said...

highlights of this post are definitely that baben leather skirt and for sure those marshmallows. lov lov lov

Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

love your pics!!!

Jaeger said...

i love your look!


Raver Ria said...

Love your style. Looks like you had an awesome MBFWA!

Anonymous said...

I think you may have the most gorgeous hair i've seen... can i go creepy on you and ask who cuts it and where?

Modegier said...

you looks amazing ;)

Anonymous said...

love your simplicity!

Natascha said...

Hey Anonymous,
I don't have a regular hairdresser, I'm traveling a lot so I'll get it cut when it really needs it (i'm talking triple split end kind of deal) I usually just trim the bottom off so I get it done anywhere!
N x

brogan said...

love the neon bra underneath, given me great inspiration been wondering for awhile what to wear under my sheer tops which isnt just a bra



Rea said...

I'm just so in love with your hair!!!

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