Thursday, June 21, 2012

Travel Diary: PARIS ONE

After living in Paris for some time last year I decided to pay my favourite city and favourite frenchy Marta a visit. My first few days in Paris were filled with alot of rain, patches of sunshine, the most amazing day with Marta and Peter in Montmartre.  Lots of rosé, making my way through the Lindt Excellence flavours (only €1.80 here!!) Find below a list of some of the things I have done here so far, and highely recommend!

Things to do in Paris:
1. Check out the permanent collection pompidou centre (free of charge) then go to the top to see the most amazing view of the 
Eiffel Tower and Sacré-Cœur.
2. Have a wine and a traditional french meal at Cafe Panis right by the Notre-Dame  (after going in side ofcourse, make sure you look at the back too)
3. Eat 
 croissants and macaroons!!
4. Check out the love locks on one of the bridges crossing the Sienne
5. Walk through the
 Louvre and surrounding area
6. Go to 
Montmartre, walk up the stairs to the top of Sacré-Cœur, then get lost on the winding streets and hilly passages.
7. Wonder through street markets to find vintage and antiques
8. Go shopping in the Marais get take out from Rose Bakery or try the famous falafels from L'As du Falafel (worth the wait!) get it take away and pack a picnic, sit in one of the parks close by.
9. Go to Jardin du Luxembourg and sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery

Feel free to ask for specific locations / place, happy to answer :-)


Jaeger said...

lucky girl, it all looks so dreamy


Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

love this post!!

Style Hostess said...

what draws me to Paris is its antique buildings, the eiffel tower, the cuisine and the posh culture.
good aerial photos here ^^


Jess said...


cornerstate said...

Do you have any shopping tips, like where do you like to shop when you're in paris? :)

Lauren Williams said...

Amazing pictures, looks like so much fun! PS LOVE those pants you are wearing in the one pic.


Bohemian said...

Amazing photo's! x

ASH said...

Great photos. I love that last photo especially.

Yufei Wang said...

woah, gorgeous photos!!! What kind of camera are you using?
I am going to Europe this summer, and (this is going to sound odd, bear with me) what kind of shoes did you generally wear during the daytime? I want to bring a few pairs of heels with me, but I'm not sure if that's the best idea in an old city like Paris.
I was also wondering which area of paris you stayed in? I'm renting an apartment, and there's so many areas to choose from! Which arrondissement is generally the most convenient/interesting?
Thanks a ton, I'm going to do everything on this list!

Jenna Hughes said...

ahh looks so amazing!

Stephanie said...

oh so beautiful! oh Paris how I'm dying to visit! lol hopefully in September ;)


leflassh. said...

gorgeous photos! i am saving this list of things to do if i end up going next year :P xx

onika said...

i miss paris!! one that most won't like but we did was check out the solariums.. haha... you go in for minimum 16 minutes - they're so weak! its bizarre.

also - twilight picnic in the tuileries w wine, cheese, amazing people watching and guitars..

waaah i miss it!

Danielle said...

beautiful photos! I can't wait to travel to Paris!! :)

Jennita Lolita said...

Love your recommendations!! I want to go back soon :-)

Excel-Macros said...

sexy pics

Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie said...

Hey - I'm headed to Paris for a month, beginning this Wednesday. Do you have any recommendations of vintage stores to go to? I'd love to do some thrifting while abroad.

Also, where are both of the patterned pairs of pants from?? They're gorgeous.


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nice post

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Anonymous said...

Also going to Paris in September and wanting advice on where to shop and what shoes to bring pretty please. I don't want to overpack (also going to Antibes) but want to look good :)

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Natascha said...

Dear Cornerstate & Anon, I'm working on a Paris Part two post and including shopping tips.
Dear Yufei Wang, I use a Cannon 1000D, an iPhone 4S and Olympus 35mm.
Dear Gabrielle & Lauren, the printed pants are from Isabel Marant
Dear Yufei & Anon, pack comfy shoes!! you will do SO much walking in Paris, Metro stairs, hilly streets plus there are cobblestones everwhere so heels just dont work. I suggest cons, sandals and if you really want height wedges or booties.
Happy to answer any other question x

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Anonymous said...

do you mean Jardin du Luxembourg? Gare is station in french ;)
lovely photos. the pic from pompidou overlooking Paris/Montmartre & Sacre Coeur is amazing

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