Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's get tropical

So I wanted a pair of shinny pants and all I could find was shinny leggings. So I bought some fabric, jumped on my trusty Janome and made them myself.  If I had the patience I would do this more often! Would definitely solve some shopping frustrations!

Photographed by Stuart Michael

Shirt: Vintage
Pants: Own
Ring: Low Luv
Shoes: Creepers


steph said...

you're so talented! wish i could sew, definitely would put an end to my shopping frustrations :)

Anonymous said...

Don't ever cut your hair short! And cudos on the photos

Style Hostess said...

those high rise creepers are awesome! and yep, you did a fantastic job in making that pair of shiny jeans ♥ they are so chic!

Style Hostess

Hippie Fruit said...

This outfit is insane!! Love every part. & the pictures !!!



Anne H said...

The photos are unbelievable!!!You look stunning!

Lovely said...

hi! i love your style and the quality of your pics!!
kisses from france!

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