Friday, July 6, 2012

Travel Diary: Berlin

I spent one week in Berlin but it wasn't nearly enough! Felt very uneasy about leaving without even touching the surface of what Berlin has to offer.  Had a really amazing week with Josephine, I can't wait to go back! Although this is no where near comprehensive, some travel snaps and places I visited, ate at and shopped in. oh and we had a 90's themed party on my last night, explains the Pandora sunglasses!

- Juden Denkmal (I think this is a really special place, it's a large area of huge cubes of different scales made from concrete, a memorial for Jewish victims)
- Ivar lost park
- Kater (a cool place to drink and hang out during the day or night)
- Black & white Photoboots! They are all over Berlin, only 2 euros :)
Cô Cô Deli (Really delicious Vietnamese food, great for lunch, they sell whole young coconuts here too) 
- Chen Che (Dinner, amazing tea selection & desserts) 
- The Ritter sport store (there is a cafe upstairs or you can DIY chocolate flavours downstairs) 
- Louie Louie Cafe
- The Corner (Multi-label awesomeness, Marant, Wang, Chloe etc.) 
- Made in Berlin (Vintage)


Jaeger said...

very cool photos


Kristian said...

Look sooo nice! Going there next week.

Where can i get these sunglasses:


Lauren Williams said...

Gorgeous pics! Looks like so much fun!


Sandra said...

As alwyas on you blog - photos are awesome!
I hope that you like Madonna or Eva Mendes? Becuase on my blog is contest with tshirts to win :) Check this out!

Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

love the pics!!!

Christing said...

Cool pics! Love all your looks! Hope u r having a great time!


Rea said...

amazing outfits girl! love your shoes!

Ida Marie said...

Just discovered your blog and i really like it! I am especially interested in what camera and lens you use?

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the bande à part said...

very cool!

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