Tuesday, May 31, 2011

wetsuit skirt

I have been getting crafty a lot lately and this little wetsuit skirt was so easy I thought I would share it with you! All you really need is scissors, a sewing machine and some pins and your good to go! It was super quick and because the neoprene fabric is stretchy and wont fray, you don't need to do much sewing! As I'm not sure how good my explanation skills are, I drew some little post-it note diagrams, if you take on this project and have and questions just leave a comment & I'll do my best to explain!

1. find a wetsuit at your local second hand store, this one was $11.99
2. cut in half (around the waistline) keep the bottom half.
3. measure from your waist to the desired skirt length (on your side) this will become your outside hemline.
4. lay the bottom half of the wetsuit flat & cut each leg straight across the same length as your hemline measurement.

5. turn inside out, and use a seam ripper / quick unpick / scissors to undo the inside hem.
6. keeping the skirt inside out, sew the front seam straight down the center.

7. turn the skirt around and fold the crotch piece over and pin in place, eliminating a little fabric so that it doesn’t flare and so that the center seam is straight.
8. sew the back seam following the line of the crotch (the original seam line)

9. over-lock the hemline (if you don't have an over-locker, just do a zigzag stitch!

Enjoy :-)


The Fashion Rebel said...

So far the smartest creation ever !!!!



Blond Panther & Louboutin... said...

Beautiful ;)

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c&k said...

Your truly amazing. This skirt is fantastic!!

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love xx

Sara - Harper and Harley said...

this is so cool. thanks so much for showing how to do it as well! love it!!!

Carolina Sundell said...

Wow, thanks for this nice tutorial. I'm going to try and do it, I hope it turns out as good as yours did..

the hues said...

You are such a talented girl! You look gorgeous!! Cute d.i.y!

Anonymous said...
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amalie said...

that skirt is such an awesome DIY!! xx

Ugly Cute said...

this is awesome, i would have never thought it up


Kelsey said...

This is a fantastic DIY!


Joanna K. said...

really love your blog!!
FOllowing you on bloglovin

passive dreams said...

Nice! DIY is great!

Lovers & Lunatics said...

Looks Great!!

Loving you blog babe!

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