Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY: Marble Nails

I have had a couple of requests via Instagram to do a post on D.I.Y marble nails, so here it is! Inspired by spring florals, it works with with practically any colour and it's much easier than it looks!

You will need:
2 nail colours
1 pointed object 
(eg. match stick, cotton tip, piece of paper folded up - literally anything works)

1. Choose two colours (I think one dark and one light gives the best result)
2. Paint a base coat using one of the colours (preferably the lighter one)
3. Open both nail colours & have the lid resting on (don't screw them closed, as you need to work quickly)
4. Literally blob generous amounts of nail colour on opposite parts of the nails (2 blobs per colour) using your pointed object swirl the colours around un till the entire nail is covered.
5. Wait patiently for them to dry

- Don't swirl the colours too much, you will just end up mixing them on your nails.
- Use a fast drying nail colour (I highly recommend Essie)



The Robyn Diaries said...

These look lovely, might have to give this a bash! x

miss annie said...

wow! these photos above are super amazing and I really love your nails!

Style Hostess said...

Marble nails. Never tried that out ;) might now cuz it looks so interesting! Thanks for the DIY ^.^


Anonymous said...

I will definitely try this at home! :)

NEF 'N NAT said...

that's so cool! x

Nicole said...

Ingenious. Did you make this up yourself?

Yufei said...

Those nails are GORGEOUS! lovely DIY

Anonymous said...

so great! but i wanna see the entire process with pictures..could you please show it for us?

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