Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Personal Post: German Town

How pretty is this house, I love all the plants and colours involved.  I'm in Germany having an awesome time with my family here.  Took a little walk in the 'old town' to find the most amazing homes! Wish I could teleport one back to Australia to live in! The spotty pants I picked up from a local stall, for a steal.  The bag I'm wearing is a convertible backpack I designed with my bf. It's so easy to go from backpack to hand bag it's a day to night kind of bag, and unisex of course!  The shoes are SADIE and I'm terribly sorry to all who are on the waiting list, we had some complications but they will be available VERY soon!!


Gabrielle said...

so beautiful! what part of germany are you in?
p.s. that bag is rad– will it ever be available for purchase??

miss annie said...

I actually am from Germany , so where are you exactly? :)
Love your outfit and blog by the way!

taylah said...

you're beautiful AND incredibly talented! that bag is amazing, like gabrielle said, will it ever be available to buy? i'm in love with anything backpack-convertible, especially the 3.1 philip lim backpack/vest hybrid. so much love, i can't explain, haha. that house is amazing!

Bohemian said...

Love you pants! x

Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

love the pants!!!!

Jaeger said...

lovely top!



Style Hostess said...

ah love your shoes Natascha! such a lovely backdrop. so vintage and lush.
wish ya a fab holiday =)


Style Hostess

Anonymous said...

Love the backpack ahh!

Emily Ulrich said...

Totally in love with those pants. I love how the dstars are detailed so accutely, they almost appear to be polka dots from afar. Great post :)

Kate and Olivia Morrow. said...

Such a great post, the backdrop is amazing :) x

Rea said...

needless to say much about the outfit, always perfect! great location as well!

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