Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Beach babes, cats, cactus and jumping koalas - a little something to start your november....

by Akila Berjaoui - Jennifer Pugh in Glamour France Nov 2012 by Hilary Walsh - unknown - Anna Selezneva in Vogue Paris Nov 2012 - Ashley Glorioso for Nasty Gal Nov Lookbook - unknown - Magdalena Frackowiak - Ashley Glorioso for Nasty Gal Nov Lookbook - Kate Moss - unknown - Audrey Marnay in The Downtown Scene US Vogue August 1998 by Steven Meisel - unknown - Carla Collado -  Anna Selezneva in Vogue Paris November 2012  - unknown. 


amalie said...

i am so loving these pictures. so craving that balenciaga sweater!!!

Lauren Williams said...

Love the pics, I can't believe it's November already!

x lauren

Brittany Fowler said...

Great inspiration, thanksabunch.


Anonymous said...

SO inspiring! x

MARTA said...

always best inspiration!

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